Sustainable Product Solutions

Discover the Future of Sustainability 

We’ve been leading the way in eco-friendly alternatives for food service, janitorial, and sanitation supplies since 1997.

Our mission? To protect our forests and reduce waste, all while creating high-quality products that meet your needs in food service, janitorial, and sanitation supplies.

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Our Eco-Innovative Journey

Our journey began with the vision to end deforestation through the use of tree-free materials like bamboo and FSC products. 

But we didn’t stop there. 

We ventured into the realm of rapidly renewable fibers. What we found amazed us – a chance to save more trees, reduce waste, and cut down on carbon emissions from fires and landfill destruction. Best of all, all these fibers are grown right here in the USA.

Pioneering Renewable Fiber Ecovations

We’re transforming the waste from sugarcane, corn, and wheat into new, innovative products. 

Imagine this – to-go containers and napkins made from the discarded parts of these plants. Instead of letting 60-70% of these plants go to waste, we’re turning them into something useful.

Discarded Plant Waste: A Sustainability Issue

Imagine a field after harvest. What’s left behind isn’t just soil. It’s a wealth of byproducts, up to 70% of the sugarcane plant, corn, and wheat stalks.If left untouched, these residues might seem harmless. However, the reality is a bit more complex.

Farmers have traditionally had three options when it comes to dealing with agricultural byproducts. They can burn them, pile them up, or send them to landfills.

Burning Agricultural Waste

Burning might seem like the simplest method of getting rid of these residues. Farmers often use burning to quickly clear their fields for the next planting season. However, burning releases large quantities of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Additionally, it generates smoke and particulates, which can harm air quality and impact the health of people living nearby.

Piling and Sending Waste to Landfills

Piling up waste, on the other hand, might seem like a harmless solution. But these piles can take up valuable land resources and can become habitats for pests. Sending the waste to landfill sites isn’t much better. It might not burn or spread pests, but landfills take up space and generate harmful greenhouse gases as the waste decomposes.

We’re Offering Farmers a Fourth Option- An Option That Can Help Protect the Environment and Help Them Earn More.

We can take that discarded plant waste and turn it into eco-friendly products. This helps us protect our ecosystems, support our local farmers, and provide you with high-quality, sustainable products.

By choosing us, you are not only securing your assets, but you’re also becoming a part of the solution. So, why not join our efforts to turn agricultural waste into a sustainable resource? It’s a simple way you can play your part in making our planet healthier for future generations.

Why Choose Us?

Help Save the Planet

Every product you buy from us helps reduce deforestation and waste.

Support Local Farmers

We help local farmers earn more by buying what they would usually discard.

High-Quality Sustainable Products

Just because it’s eco-friendly doesn’t mean it’s lesser quality. Our products are durable and function just like their non-sustainable counterparts.