Wheat is the principal food grain produced in the US. In 2023/24, U.S. farmers are estimated to produce a total of 1.81 billion bushels of winter, spring, and durum wheat.  After harvesting wheat grains, the remaining stalks and leaves are typically seen as waste. If these leftovers are burned or left in the field, they can contribute to pollution and environmental harm.

The amount of byproduct (wheat straw) produced each year is enormous. In California alone, the wheat crop yields an estimated 400,000 tons of straw


Utilizing Wheat Straw for

Biodegradable Pulp Production

The process of making wheat straw pulp involves converting leftover wheat straw into pulp, which is used to create paper, making it a sustainable solution.

This process helps minimize waste and environmental damage, while also providing an alternative to cutting down trees for pulp production.